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Automate Your Job Search On LinkedIn Using AI

Tired of filling out same tedious job applications? Apply to millions of jobs automatically using LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply Extension powered by AI to maximize your chances of landing a job you love.

✅ AI Predictive Hunt

✅ Autofill Job Applications

AI For Job Seekers To Get Hired

Our advanced AI algorithms allow job seekers to elevate their job search with just one click. Get access to thousands of impressive job listings tailored to your skills, qualifications, and preferences.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate seeking your first job or a seasoned professional scouting out new opportunities, the LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply extension is here to make hiring easy and seamless using AI.

✅ Save Time On Repetitive Tasks

✅ Import Your LinkedIn Data Automatically

✅ Exceptional Precision & Agility, Powered By AI

Let AI Write Job-Specific Cover Letters For You

No more stressing over perfecting your cover letters for an upcoming job.

Our smart AI will instantly populate your applications with AI-powered, personalized answers. With this feature, thousands of users have found their dream jobs, and now you can, too.

Auto-fill Job Applications With Just One Click

After saving a job, you can use our autofill feature for basic questions like your “First name” and more complicated ones like “Why should we hire you?” or ” Where did you work before?”

Let Predictive AI Answer Your Questions While Applying

Our AI uses your profile to find relevant jobs, automate the application process, and provide a thoughtful answer to any question asked during the application procedure using your resume.

  • Identify Relevant Jobs
  • Auto-apply
  • Auto-respond to relevant questions

Increase Job Chances By 10x With Auto-Apply Feature

In a crowded job market, more applications mean more chances to stand out. 

Casting a wider net increases your visibility, maximizing your potential to land interviews and secure your dream job.

Struggle Behind Applying For Job Applications

Let’s face it – the job application process can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are applying for dozens of incredible jobs at once. 

Spending hours sifting through job listings, typing and retyping the same details, crafting cover letters for each position – it’s draining. 

We understand your pain, and with “LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply” we have revolutionized the job-hunting process.

With this extension at hand, you’ll be able to automate the entire process as it uses your profile information to fill in all the required fields on each application. 

Leaving you to spend your valuable time preparing for interviews and showcasing your skills instead. 

Your Job Search, Simplified

Say goodbye to the monotony! 👋

Our LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply Extension is the perfect solution for everyone sick of filling out a plethora of job applications with the same information again and again. 

LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply extension analyzes keywords from job listings and effortlessly applies to positions that match your qualifications. 

No more repetitive data entry, no more form fatigue – just streamlined, efficient applications that take you closer to your dream job.

Why LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply Extension?

Why Not 🙂 

LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply extension provides an easy and effortless way to apply to your favorite jobs automatically, precisely, with the help of AI. Best of all, it makes applying for job positions while on vacation, away, or out simply a breeze. 

The idea is to maximize your chances of getting hired faster by applying smarter.

Here's How The Magic Happens

1. Build Your Profile & Upload CV

Build your profile and showcase the real you by completing all the required fields. Give hiring managers a solid reason to hire you by leaving a lasting impression through your profile. Choose your preferred job titles, regions, and other preferences.

2. Explore Matching Jobs Based On Your Profile

Explore job postings relevant to your profile and gain an edge over the competition.

3. Apply For Multiple Positions At Once

Once you're satisfied with your profile, let our smart algorithm take care of submitting your application to multiple positions at once.

4. Be Aware of Your Status

As soon as you submit your application, you will be able to see where the job post stands in the hiring process, how you compare to your competition, and whether the hiring manager has reviewed your profile.

5. Improve Your Odds

Improve your percentile match score by enhancing your profile with valuable information using smart AI suggestions.

Features That Transform Your Job Search

Discover the true power of the LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply Extension with confidence. 

AI-Powered Job Matching

With our smart AI algorithms, you’ll find job listings aligned with your skills, experience, and career goals.

Advanced Job Search Preferences

LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply lets you exclude the companies you don’t want to apply to with advanced job search preferences. Companies can be added or removed easily, so mistakes are rare.

Optimal Interval 

Interval functionality prevents you from being flagged as a bot by the LinkedIn algorithm and helps you automatically apply after the exact interval set by you.

Real Voices - Real Success

"I used to dread job applications, but this extension changed the game. I've received interview requests from top of the companies – all thanks to the effortless applications it enables. Try it if you haven't already.”
Software Developer
"I have never been more in control of my job search. This extension helped me target the right job opportunities and eventually led me to my current role. Definitely satisfied and extremely happy."
Lisa Turner
Marketing Specialist
"The extension's ability to customize cover letters for each application amazed me. It truly showcases my strengths to potential employers. Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome. Must try"
Alex Patel
Data Analyst

Take Charge of Your Job Search Today.

Don’t let the perfect job slip through your fingers. Let LinkedInEasyApply be your trusted partner in finding your dream career.

Answers to Your FAQs

Here are the Top 7 frequently asked questions about the LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply Extension:

What criteria does the extension use to determine which jobs to apply?

The extension uses a smart algorithm to analyze all of the job listings and find jobs that match your profile’s keywords, qualifications, and lastly, the keywords you provide.

Can I still customize my applications?

No. LinkedIn easy auto apply eliminates the need to customize job applications like others in the same industry. While the extension streamlines the process, you can provide keywords to target different job applications.

Do you guarantee the security of my data?

100% — Your data is in safe hands as we prioritize your privacy and security above anything else.

How do I get started?

Buy the extension for just $1. Install it, and let it simplify your job search journey.

Does the extension work with all types of job listings?

Yes, it works across various industries and job types, maximizing your opportunities.

Does the tool work for both internships and job applications?

Our autofill extension works well for both job and internship applications. The smart technology lets you write out applications with a single click by populating the keywords along with the number of intervals.

Then this data is used for each application to ensure an optimized, personalized autofill. 

What should I do if I don’t get a job through LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply?

Even if you don’t get a job using LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply, it is still possible to use it for other job opportunities. LinkedIn Easy Auto Apply offers a variety of resources to assist you with your job search, including resume-writing tips and valuable interview guidance.